Jewels stolen from a safe at Desjardins

Jewellery stolen from a safe at Desjardins


The Quebec City Police Department is investigating an alleged theft at a Desjardins branch, where more than $30,000 worth of jewelry belonging to a couple was allegedly stolen from a safety deposit box.

Yasmine* claims to have gone to the Caisse Desjardins de Sainte-Foy on June 23 to retrieve some of the jewelry that she has been storing for more than eight years in a safety deposit box in order to to be able to wear them to a wedding.

Following the usual procedure, she would have been escorted by an employee after having signed a card mentioning her visits. 

When she opened her box with one of her two keys that she always keeps with her, she would have discovered with dismay that it was empty.

“It was a shock. I started screaming and crying,” says the woman, who says she had to be calmed down by a receptionist.

Originally from Algeria, Yasmine stored dozens of family jewels with her husband, Younes* in gold in this box, according to a list of effects submitted to the Journal. The couple estimate that the total value of these exceeds $30,000.

Safe place

In 2014, they decided to store these valuables in this supposedly safe place, confirms the rental contract consulted by Le Journal.

< p>“We thought it was the safest place. At home, there can be a fire, a robbery, says Younes. In my opinion, there should be a zero probability that there will be incidents like this.

The couple filed a complaint with the SPVQ and asked Desjardins Group for an explanation.

Communications Sergeant David Poitras has also confirmed to Journal that an investigation has indeed been opened, but cannot divulge further details on the file for reasons of confidentiality.

As for Desjardins, an investigation has also been launched, according to its spokesperson.

“Our investigation teams are taking the situation seriously and are in action to begin their work of investigation. […]”, declared Jean-Benoît Turcotti. 

Excessively low risk

Thefts from inside a bank safety deposit box are “very rare”, says Claude Sarrazin, president of Sirco investigation and protection.

“My understanding is that it's in a secure building with full security protocol, and you have to be on the authorized list to gain access. All the elements are there to make it not accessible to ordinary mortals.

“Security is rarely managed with absolutes, but I would say that the risk [of a theft being committed there] is extremely low,” continues Mr. Sarrazin.

< p>*Fictional names. For security reasons, the couple preferred to remain anonymous.

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