JIT has published a wiretapping case of the Downing of MH17, proving the involvement in the fighting in the Donbass, the FSB and the defense Ministry (PHOTO)

JIT опубликовала прослушки по делу о сбитом MH17, доказывающие причастность к боям в Донбассе ФСБ и Минобороны РФ (ФОТО)

On Thursday, the international investigation team (JIT) has published new telephone interceptions, which suggests that Russia completely controlled the process of invasion the Pro-Russian armed formations on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, the so-called militias were sent the weapon through the channels of FSB and GRU, and leaders of DNR and LNR picked up in Moscow.

“The influence of the Russian Federation extended to administrative, financial and military issues to the DNR, the message reads JIT. In July 2014, the leadership of the DNI in almost daily contact with representatives of Russia. The conversations took place, mostly through telephone sets provided by the FSB.” JIT claims that it plays an important role in the context of how the DNR has its anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”, from which the Boeing was shot down with hundreds of passengers on Board. Previously, it was found that this Buk missile system was assigned to the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Russian Armed forces, based in Kursk.

Among the intercepted conversation proved the Alexander Beard from 3 July 2014. At that time he held the position of Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the breakaway Donetsk national Republic (DND). The intercept confirms that beard was actually a puppet of the Kremlin. “Well, You have far-reaching plans, but I don’t. I follow orders and protect the interests of only one state – the Russian Federation. That’s all”, – said Boroday.

However, political analyst Alexander Boroday was not happy that Moscow has got him into “Donbass adventure”. “So we have here, *** (damn), “*** (awesome) event”, in quotes, of national importance. Will the government today to put. So to you the following advice, advice – you are sitting quietly, not moving if you call for comments, saying that support. I *** (damn) surprise arranged Moscow city, size, *** (damn), *** (fucking) carp. You know who would be Prime Minister we have, Earrings?.. I’ll be *** (damn)! And I *** (damn) *** (spit on) that’s all!”, – said Boroday.

In another conversation in early July 2014, the fighter with a call sign “Mongol” tells the commandant of Makeyevka, “it will come people with powers from Shoigu” (Sergei Shoigu, Minister of defense of the Russian Federation). These people, according to the participant of Pro-Russian armed formations, “throw *** (look) local commanders of the units”, and then assumes command of the “Muscovites”.

In another conversation on July 18, 2014 “Mongol” and “Sheriff” said to each other that “get a command from Moscow.” But one curator, the FSB, and the second is subordinate to the GRU (the Main Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces). Because of this, in particular, the relationship between the various factions of the separatists was strained. In one of the conversations the volunteer complains of “Mongolia” that he kidnaps his people. In addition, the subordinate Mongol suspect in the brutal killings and looting, including in Torez. “You fucking dragged out everything that is not nailed, *** (damn), including Portia, *** (damn) *** (haha). You know, the usual *** (damn) highwaymen, *** (damn)” – voiced claim, the interlocutor of “Mongol”. According to his assumption, the subordinate Mongol could have cleared the vault of the national Bank, dragged along out of 15-16 kg of platinum, which supposedly confirmed by the intercept.

Most often, the militants discussed with the Kremlin on issues of encrypted communication provided by FSB. However, the details of the encryption, they talked about the usual communication, said The Insider. JIT notes that key figures in the DNR regularly phoned with a “series” of phone numbers in which the first nine digits were identical, differed only the last two digits. For greater security, they apparently used the device-the scrambler. Alexander Borodai was a phone number from the same series (7 926 531-85-14), and in the period from June 2014 to mid August 2014 he talked on the phone almost daily with three other rooms in this series: 7 926 531-85-28, and 531-85-20 7 926 7 926 531-85-63.

In one of the discussions, the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov said Boroday that sends him from Moscow a man named Antyufeev, which should be put at the head of state security of DND. If the current head of the Department balked, under antyufiev, you need to create a separate Agency. “Let him create another intelligence Agency. Nothing terrible will happen”, – said Surkov.

In the same conversation, the Russian presidential aide hints at his previous service in GRU in his younger years, and promises too, if you need to arrive at the Donbass and to remember, “military past”. “If necessary we will arrive directly… I think I’ll remember what I was taught, something can still, despite the shortness of breath and old age”Surkov said, laughing.

7 Jul 2014 a Sergei called from Crimea to Vladimir Ivanovich, which in another conversation called “big boss”, “who arrived from Moscow.” Sergei reports that the next day he flies to Rostov-on-don, a team of seven people on Saturday they should arrive at the destination (probably to the East of Ukraine). For their jobs they will need some things, all of which are agreed with the head of the FSB Bortnikov.

In intercepted conversations referred to the role of General Serdyukov, the commander of the Southern military district of the Russian Federation in the supply of equipment for the job. Sergei also tells about Russian defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, who is believed to have been involved in this issue at an earlier stage.

JIT urged witnesses who can provide information on the announced topics, to contact her representatives, promising to provide the necessary protection.

We will remind, the Malaysian Boeing 777-200 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight MH17, was shot down on 17 July 2014 near Donetsk in the area of armed conflict in the Donbass. On Board were 298 people (citizens in almost two dozen States), they all died.

To investigate the accident was created by the international investigation team. It included the representatives of Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine. Russia is not included into it. From the beginning suspect that the destruction of the liner are units of the Russian army, used to destroy aircraft, anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”.

In June 2017 countries included in the investigation team, decided that the trial of the suspects in the crash will be held in the Dutch court and Dutch law.

The charges in the criminal case against three Russians (former head of the armed forces DND Igor Girkin, aka Strelkov, the commander of the reconnaissance Sergey Dubinsky Callsign “Gloomy” and his Deputy Oleg Pulatova), as well as the citizen of Ukraine Leonid Kharchenko.

The investigation also found the names of the soldiers of the 53rd anti-aircraft brigade of the armed forces who were in the Russian-Ukrainian border in mid-July 2014. Was even published photographs of these soldiers. Presumably, they catered to the Buk missile system, which shot down the airliner.

The Prosecutor of the Netherlands acknowledged that the court is likely to be part-time, and the chances of suspected to be in the dock void.

As part of the investigation, the question arose about what the role of the Russian leadership in the incident. Dutch investigators previously released a number of telephone conversations between Igor Girkin and Russian officials – presumably the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov and the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.

In conversations it was about the help from Russia. In an interview with Aksyonov Girkin listed, you need anti-tank artillery, tanks and air defense are already ready by specialists, as their “time to cook we will not have, anymore.” He was told that help will come.

And Surkov, a week before the MH17 disaster assured the Prime Minister DND Alexander Beard that “spoke to older colleagues, older does not happen” on military assistance to the militia and hinted at some “tipping action.”

Also a suspect in the case is Vladimir tsemakh, who in the summer of 2014, “was the chief of defense” in the Snow. It is in the area of this city was recorded on video movement of “Buk” immediately before the liner fell to the ground. The tzemach personally hid “Buk” after the incident, as he said in an interview. The video of this conversation transcribed journalists of Bellingcat group.