Joanna Opozda turned to fans for help. It's about Vincent

Nothing is more frustrating than a suffering child we love. The actress asked Internet users for help, as the available resources she knew had already failed.

Joanna Opozda turned to fans for help. It's about Vincent

Joanna Opozda has recently had great bad luck in relations with her relatives. No wonder then that tabloids were used and did not leave a dry thread, it was on Joanna's father and her husband, who will soon have the status of an ex.

Joanna Opozda asked for help from Internet users. The reaction is moving to tears

Not only did the “paparuchy” stomp on their heels during the wedding and reception, but a long time later the couple could not experience peace and privacy. However, let us remind you that while Joanna Opozda was pregnant, for which she was very afraid of the fate, Antoni Kr & oacute; likowski was rocking at sea with a TV crew and a group of other celebrities.

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Later, when his son Vincent was born, Poland heard about the separation of his spouse, which shocked the public opinion. Although the actress was left without a husband in the difficult moments of puerperium and the baby's health problems, she had great support in the family, which took care of a single mother and her son.

With time, the actress got up from her lap and acquired her own four walls and started a new chapter in her life. Somewhere in the background there is still Antoni Kr & oacute; likowski, who is after all Vincent's father, but Joanna and Vincent are doing great without him on a daily basis.

Now the concerned mother has published a request for help addressed to fan & oacute; w. It's about Vincent suffering from teething, because the known products available on the market have already failed, and she has a sleepless next night – Teething. Maybe you have some brilliant methods to alleviate suffering? Another sleepless night is behind us. Anti-pain gels, brushes and teethers do not do much – appealed Joanna worried.

The response was considerable and effective, and the actress found out how much I was watching her profile. One of the many pieces of advice turned out to be a bull's eye, and the recommended measure to help the boy finally fall asleep peacefully.