Joaquin Phoenix studied Tourette’s syndrome to play the role of Joker

Joaquin Phoenix played the role of the Joker, which demanded serious efforts. To show a man with mental health issues, the actor had to study Tourette syndrome and its effects on the body.

Хоакин Феникс изучал синдром Туретта, чтобы вжиться в роль Джокера

In the new film “Joker”, the audience will be able to see the formation of the main enemy of Batman in the comics. To portray Arthur Fleck was able Joaquin Phoenix, whose work has started to experience criticism at a private screening held earlier at the Venice film festival. The actor admits to understanding the character and giving the necessary way, he had to read a lot of medical materials, and see a large number of videos showing people with Tourette’s syndrome. This mental disorder manifests itself not only in the form of uncontrollable swearing, but in the other symptoms, particularly in motor disorder and the nervous systems. It helped the actor to play the role of a Joker and do the laugh of the villain maximally unhealthy and frightening.

Joaquin Phoenix confessed that during the shooting he himself was in a permanently depressed state. He had very much to lose weight, that affected the psyche. The actor felt unwell and constantly feared for my sanity.