Job creation: Ford does better than Legault

Job creation: Ford does better than Legault


Doug Ford and François Legault both came to power in 2018. When it comes to job creation under both reigns, the Legault government fares poorly compared to the Ford government.  

But before elaborating on the clear “Ontarian domination”, allow me to come back to my column last Saturday “Not so brilliant, the employment record of François Legault”, where I made a comparison with the record of employment of the previous Liberal government of Philippe Couillard.  

The CAQ big guns, including Eric Girard and Pierre Fitzgibbon, did not appreciate my comparison. I will remind you of the main points.  

Under the Legault government, 128,400 jobs were created, or 16.3% of the jobs created in Canada from November 2018 to today . This is small compared to the 240,800 jobs created under the former Couillard government, or 23.8% of job creation in Canada.  

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Economy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon jumped at the chance to disparage Couillard's strong employment record during his tenure from 2014 to 2018. 

“In 2014, the unemployment rate was high, it was easier and more relevant to create jobs. Since 2018, our economy has grown faster than Ontario. Comparing 2014 and 2018 employment is a shortcut. Productivity is the contemporary way to create wealth,” wrote Minister Fitzgibbon in his tweet in response to my column. 

For his part, the Minister of Finance, Eric Girard, reacted to my column by posting the following comment on Twitter: “Quebec is historically lagging behind in economic growth due to low productivity. The data is unequivocal. Our government has reduced the GDP per capita gap with Ontario from 16.4% to 13.4%. Moreover, we are at full employment with an unemployment rate of 4.5%. »  

You will notice that the two strong men of the outgoing government of François Legault like to compare the economic performance of Quebec to that of Ontario.  

The same goes for their leader . Last Friday, the day Statistics Canada employment data was published, François Legault tweeted that made the Quebec job market look good: “Unemployment rate in August 2022: Quebec 4.5%; Canada 5.4%; Ontario 5.7%”. 

The numbers don't lie

During the period from November 2018 to the present, some 447,000 jobs have been created under the government of Doug Ford. This represents 56.9% of all jobs created in Canada during this period. This is 17.5 percentage points more than the weight of Ontario's labor force in Canada.  

During that time, under the Legault government, barely 128,400 jobs were created. This is only 16.3% of the total jobs created in the country over the past four years, or 6 percentage points less than the weight of Quebec's labor force in the country. 

That said, if Ontario currently has a higher unemployment rate than in Quebec, it is because in Ontario the labor force has increased much more than in Quebec.  

< p>From November 2018 to today, the labor force has jumped by 472,200 in Ontario, compared to only 92,700 here in Quebec. The increase in Ontario accounts for 62.4% of the increase in the labor force in Canada, compared to only 12.2% for Quebec.  

In terms of full-time employment full, Ontario posted a gain of 420,400 jobs, even 4.4 times more than in Quebec with its 94,900 more jobs. 

Job creation: Ford does better than Legault