Job search during the quarantine: how to impress an online interview

On the one hand, a remote interview is cool. No need to go anywhere to meet a bunch of strangers and getting lost in the corridors. On the other hand, it is unclear how to properly maintain them. The authors BurningHut talked with HR-specialist and find out what features have online interviews and how to prepare them.

Поиск работы во время карантина: как произвести впечатление на онлайн-собеседовании

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Just a couple of months ago online interviews were conducted only in some cases: for example, you applied to a job dreams in another city (or even country) and ready to move. Or get a job, which in principle does not involve an office visit.

Now, all who are faced with the need or desire to change jobs during a pandemic, forced to prepare for the unusual format. Began to appear, even special services for conducting online interviews. And some companies have already reported that after the quarantine will allow all or part of the employees not to return to the office.

“Previously, employers would like to see the applicant immediately in person: they did not have the habit to communicate and judge people online, it seemed uncomfortable and inferior format. Now the picture has changed dramatically: not only that, all interviews in the appropriate companies are online in the same mode is the registration of an employee in the state, its inauguration and, in fact, the work itself. An unprecedented event for both parties. It is because of forced in this game has entered almost all of the company and has already managed to get used to it,” she says Sharifulina, Manager of recruitment Agency RealHR.

Online interviews are convenient, but to go smoothly, you need to prepare the equipment and take into account the nuances that may occur when using the webcam.

The technical part

In advance, contact the HR specialist, how much time will it take to conversation. Agree with home that hour and a half you did not stop and quiet. If there is a room where you can close is ideal.

Check the communication quality and the battery level on the devices camera and microphone. To avoid echo, it is better to use headphones. Can also set the application to suppress noise in the background. And don’t forget to mute the phone, the intercom and other devices.

Set up your work space. If you have a laptop, put it on the table to speak. Check that the background was not scattered clothes or other things that can get into the frame. Some services will call you to blur the background in the video or replace it with a picture.

Think about how well you will see. It is better not to sit with your back to the window, if it’s a Sunny day, or on video, you risk becoming a dark spot. But right in front of a window or a lamp to sit is not necessary — in this case, on the contrary, a person may look too overexposed.

Check with HR specialist, how the service will be interviewed. After this pre-test it with a friend or relative — so you minimize the probability of technical failures.

Put the next notebook with prepared questions and cheat sheets. Format online interview gives you a better chance to peep into the record, if you about something have forgotten. But to make electronic notes during the phone is not necessary — companion to distract typing on the keyboard.

“I see many advantages in online interviews. The candidate is given this conversation easier: he remains in a familiar and safe environment at home, he has a “shield” in the form of a screen, if desired, it can hide your body language, pointing the camera just for the face. And this format can be easier to practice with friends or acquaintances. These factors obviously reduce the level of stress,” she says Sharifulina.

The communication part

Do not wear for a job interview clothing. Even if it’s an online meeting, clothing still affects the formation of first impressions about a person. If you wear one of the sets, where do you usually go to the office, you will be able to feel more confident before talking with a recruiter and faster to tune in a working mood.

During the phone try to look in the camera and not your image. So you will keep eye contact with someone, and he will understand that you carefully listen to him.

Prepare a glass of water. The conversation may take more than an hour, and at some point you may superset in the throat, it becomes hard to speak. The water will help to solve this problem.

Try not to make any sudden gestures, I can’t fix hair, not to touch your face. This in-person meetings is distracting and can talk about your insecurities, and during an online call you also run the risk of “hang” in an odd position.

If really worried, can advance to record on video a short video. So you look at yourself, hear your voice, I will notice hesitation, words-parasites and can then work on the bugs.

“At the interview, you can safely discuss whether the company plans to fully or partially transfer staff on udalenku, when restrictions on the isolation will be lifted. Whether the technical resources you need to provide yourself (for example, if in the company of desktop computers, you most likely will need to use their laptop for working from home)? Would it be possible to come to work at will? Will there be any meetings and events to maintain corporate life?” — recommends Jan Sharifulina.

Before the interview, ask yourself two important questions and take the time to think. The answers will affect your chances of getting a good job in the crisis and in more normal times.

On what conditions I can accept, and what — not?

Be prepared for the fact that during the crisis, the employer will not be able to offer you a stable environment. This will depend on the industry of the company and how long has she been on the market and has survived previous crises. You can offer a lower salary than the one to which you are accustomed. And she may not return to previous levels in the next few months. And in some areas with overheated before the crisis, the market wage (e.g., digital marketing) they can stay at the current level for a couple of years.

Pre-decide for yourself what terms you are willing to accept in any case. And it’s not just salary expectations. For example, some companies require employees to program computers to track their actions. Are you ready for such conditions, or that violates your principles of trust and privacy?

What advantages I have compared to other candidates?

If you are invited for interview, then HR specialist caught your CV and cover letter. But remember that it conducts interviews with several candidates a day. Why should choose you? Analyze your achievements at past positions and write down a list of useful skills, which were not included in summary because you find them not the most important. For example, is very valuable managers who not only ready to manage a team, but also to perform part of the work by hand. Lastly, if you are an employer who is interested in conducting more thorough candidate background checks, you may get more information here.