Jodie foster believed that Kristen Stewart will not stay in Hollywood

Before to star in a super popular franchise “Twilight” and to gain international fame, Kristen Stewart was not sure that you bind your life with an acting career. Moreover, her colleague on the film “panic Room” jodie foster believed that the Hollywood is not for Kristen.

Джоди Фостер считала, что Кристен Стюарт не задержится в Голливуде

In anticipation of the release of the new “Charlie’s Angels” (in the Russian hire on November 14) Stewart recalled his early works and explained why jodie foster didn’t see her actress. In 2001, 11-year-old Kristen began shooting the Thriller David Fincher’s “panic Room”, she played the daughter of the heroine of jodie foster. No wonder Actresses are very close, and foster could not help but notice that the girl is not too keen on what is happening on the set.

According to the stars of “Twilight”, her more experienced colleague was sure that Kristen would not get pleasure from their profession and into adulthood.

You should probably stand on the other side of the camera or go back to school

— such advice is given to foster young actress. Years later, Stewart confesses that she loves her job, but understands why foster then made this conclusion.

I really love her. If I had to choose who will represent the human race on another planet, then my list would be very short: cate Blanchett and jodie foster,

added Kristen Stewart.