John Krasinski has revealed the secret to a happy marriage with Emily blunt: “I’m a fan”

John Krasinski and Emily blunt, is perhaps one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. Recently, the actor revealed the secret of a happy relationship, and also spoke about how he and his wife find the balance between family and work.

Джон Красински раскрыл секрет счастливого брака с Эмили Блант: «Я ее фанат»

I must say that we did it very organically. I was her big fan before we met, and now I just continue to be. We are incredibly supportive of each other, both aware of the difficulties in the work we face. We spend a lot of time on the set, but the most important thing in our lives is returning home again to be together

— Krasinski said in an interview with E!News.

Recall that John Krasinski and Emily blunt started Dating in 2008 and two years later got married. The couple has two daughters — 5-year-old hazel and 3-year-old Violet.

“Yes, working together was a terrible decision”

It is noteworthy that the pair met at a party thrown by Ann Hathaway.

For a long time I was just in the status of Stalker, and then decided and said, “wanna go on a date with me?”,

— said the actor about the beginning of their romantic relationship. The question of how many times he watched “the Devil wears Prada”, one of the most popular films with Emily blunt, proud lover replied, “Plus or minus 72 times.”

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