John Tortorella comes to the defense of Sheldon Keefe

John Tortorella comes to the defense of Sheldon Keefe


The sword of Damocles swings over head coach Shedon Keefe after a poor start to the Toronto Maple Leafs season. However, he received strong support from John Tortorella on Wednesday. 

The discontent was quickly felt in Toronto, where expectations have been high for a few years now. The Leafs, however, have been unable to progress beyond the first round of the playoffs for the past six years.

A four-game losing streak – before the 5-2 win over the Philadelphia Flyers Wednesday – was therefore enough for the instructor to answer questions from journalists about his future.

“You don't know anything, claimed Tortorella, a few hours before the duel between the two teams, according to the Sportsnet network. See, I'm running my team against Sheldon's. I think coaches know other coaches. You don't know what he did for this team. I watched from afar. I advised him. We had conversations as a young coach in this league.”

Always the coach's fault

Tortorella didn't criticize journalists, and certainly a few handfuls of fans as well, who put all the blame on the shoulders of the coaches, according to him.

“You throw points at him because you see the results, he said. I guess that is the case. It is always the coach who is blamed. I know watching him and playing him I think he's a great coach.”

“Hopefully he'll show you all. Not this evening. But I have a lot of respect for him.”

The Maple Leafs (5-4-2) will try to win a second game in a row by hosting the surprising Boston Bruins (9-1-0) , Saturday. The Flyers will visit the Senators in Ottawa on the same day.