John Travolta has shared a rare photo of younger son

The other day a 65-year-old John Travolta has shared two shots where you can see his 8-year-old son Ben. Fans very pleased with these photos, because John rarely shows his youngest child. The first photo of the actor depicted a boy with a uniform cap on the head in the cockpit — the chair in front of the helm. “My son is getting ready to take my place!” — so proud of my dad signed this picture. And for the second he posed himself with Jetton and his daughter Ella blue at the zoo in Sydney.

Джон Траволта поделился редким фото младшего сына

In fact, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Ben wants to be a pilot. First, the boy was used to flying since childhood, because his father often personally transportorul his family in various corners of the world on one of the planes of a substantial “fleet” of the actor.

Recall, birth Ben helped at the time, Travolta cope with his terrible grief which he endured, losing his eldest son, who died when he was only 16 years old. Jetta, unlike Ben, was not destined to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a pilot, because he had suffered serious neurological disorder. But when the eldest son only was born, John dreamed that I would see him at the helm. No wonder he is called the son of Jetta that means in translation is “a plane”…

As for the sisters Jetta and Ben — daughter Travolta, her fans have the opportunity to see much more than the youngest son of actor. After all, Ella is almost all grown up – she’s 19 years old, and John often takes her with him to the Hollywood crowd. Travolta is confident that the daughter inherited his talent and dreams to become a famous actress. So trying to “inject” it in the actor’s environment. However, Travolta’s wife and the mother of all his three children— Kelly Preston — also no doubt in the abilities of his daughter. She is sure that Ella Bleu waiting for a brilliant career.

Джон Траволта поделился редким фото младшего сына