Johnny Depp “has gone viral”

As reported by the informant of the edition of Page six, johnny Depp fell off the wagon. Some time after her divorce from amber heard, 56-year-old actor kept himself in hand. But now he is again completely lost control of their behavior. According to the testimony of the informant, he is almost around the clock is under the influence of alcohol. And from time to time, adds more to alcohol and drugs.

Джонни Депп «пошел вразнос»

As the witness said, johnny, speaker, in addition to filming a movie, with the rock band “Hollywood vampires”, just crazy staff of the hotels where it stops. The actor almost never see sober: as told by one of the hotel’s employees, Depp ordered room service vodka in the middle of the night and “destroys” her bottles. But during the day, going to events or concerts, it also “inflated” alcohol. And then another adds on the spot, absorbing the spirits in front of everyone — from the coffee cups. At the same time, his bodyguards are forced to constantly monitor so that unsteadily on his feet, johnny collapsed to the ground…

The worst thing is that alcohol brings Depp in a state of rage, in which he occasionally trashes a hotel room. Then generously pays for the damage to avoid publicity. However, this behavior johnny is nothing new. Because at the time when he was Dating Kate moss, it was even brought to trial for trashed hotel room. Here and amber heard in his statement to the court indicated that while she was together with johnny, he “blew” room in the hotel where they lived during the next three-day Bender, when he prevented the alcohol with ecstasy. However, in addition, Hurd has described in his statement and other cases of inappropriate behavior of the drunk johnny. During one of these episodes, he, according to amber, breaking her, tore off her nightgown and showered her with shards of glass from the broken bottle… However, Depp all its denies the charges and argues that it is not he, but she beat it.