Johnny Depp will provide the court with medical information about their dependency

56-year-old johnny Depp has agreed to the demands of the 33-year-old amber heard to provide the court with information about your treatment for alcohol and drug dependency — information about this appeared yesterday on the website of the publication Deadline. It is reported that the plaintiff (Depp) will apply to the requested by the defendant (Hurd) documents till November 15.

Джонни Депп предоставит суду медицинские данные о своих зависимостях

Depp can not challenge the truth of the allegations heard that he insulted her and used to her violence, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, and then blithely to refuse to provide evidence supporting or contesting this

— said the lawyer of amber heard.

Representative johnny Depp also did not remain in debt and gave your comment on this. He said that amber heard would do well to stop pretending and desperately trying to “prove a lie”. Lawyer actor also said that the team heard chose the tactics that were previously used Harvey Weinstein. Its essence is to denigrate the victim with the help of various PR-insinuations.

Recall that the legal battles between former spouses johnny Depp and amber heard have been going on for the first year. In 2016, amber heard accused johnny Depp of domestic violence and filed for divorce. As evidence of his words, she provided the photos, which show traces of beatings and allegedly torn during the fight the hair. Hurd also admitted that the ex-husband often got drunk to unconsciousness and in this condition beat her and strangled her.

Johnny Depp, in turn, denies the allegations heard in domestic violence. To prove his innocence and to urge amber to justice, he filed a counter-suit for defamation. In a statement, Depp said that the words of a former lover about the beatings and insults is nothing more than a figment of imagination of the herd, and the bruises on her body drawn. Moreover, the actor claims that he often suffered from attacks amber, who loved the fight start it with a heavy object.