Johnson won an absolute majority in the elections in Britain: trump congratulated him on his ‘great victory’

The conservative party, headed by the Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson has confidently won on early election of the house of Commons. Johnson promises to immediately lead the country out of the European Union. The President of the United States Donald trump congratulated Johnson with the “great victory”. About it writes BBC.

Джонсон получил абсолютное большинство на выборах в Британии: Трамп поздравил его с 'отличной победой'

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The conservative party secured 364 of 650 seats in the House of Commons.

This is the biggest victory of the Conservative party since 1987, when also a huge advantage won by Margaret Thatcher.

“We the people’s government,” said conservative leader Boris Johnson in London, when forecasts of a significant parliamentary majority, the tories confirmed. He called his historic victory and vowed “to work day and night” to justify the trust of voters.

Main rivals of the conservatives and the labour party, headed by Jeremy Corbin so far has received 203 mandate, the Scottish national party — 48, the liberal-democratic — 11, the Northern Irish Democratic unionist — 8, the Party of Wales 4 of the mandate and green — 1.

The conservatives intend to immediately ratify the agreement on the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, agreed by the government, Boris Johnson and Brussels, and 31 January 2020 Britain will formally leave the EU.

The country expects a new dawn, said Boris Johnson. It reminded the observers of the speech of Tony Blair in 1997, when the labour party came to power after a long break. While Johnson thanked supporters of the labour party. According to him, many of them yesterday for the first time voted for the conservatives.

“People want change, — said the Prime Minister. — We can not and must not disappoint them.”

Actual withdrawal of Britain from the EU will be held at the end of the year, at the end of the transition period. Tories promise not to extend the transition period, although, according to the agreement on output, the possibility in Britain and the EU.

At 08:00 London time officially announced the results of counting of votes in almost all constituencies except two.

Donald trump happy

“Congratulations to Boris Johnson on a great victory!” — wrote on Twitter the US President Donald trump, made no secret of his support of the conservatives.

Джонсон получил абсолютное большинство на выборах в Британии: Трамп поздравил его с 'отличной победой'

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“Britain and the United States now nothing will prevent to enter into a major new trade deal, after breccia. This deal has the potential to become much bigger and more profitable than any deal with the EU. Celebrate, Boris!” he continued.

The defeat of the labour party

The main opposition labor party suffers devastating defeat: they will lose in comparison with the previous composition of the house of Commons about forty seats.

Policy (as outside of the labour party, and within it) blame personally of the party leader Jeremy Corbin and his entourage.

According to critics, the reason for the defeat was primarily the reluctance of the speaker to take a clear position in relation to breccia, and the second — an extremely left-wing by British standards course “of carbonistas”.

The tories got a majority in many of the former workers ‘ districts in the North and centre of the country, where voters have traditionally voted for the labour party, but in a referendum in 2016 in majority voted for secession from the Union.

Himself 70-year-old Jeremy Corbyn on the announcement of the election results in his constituency, London said that in the next election the party will not lead, that is, will resign from his post.

On the morning of Friday, December 13, Corbin, not abandoning his promises, said he will remain party leader for a period of reflection of the election results. How long will it take the process of understanding, he said.

Observers notice that now the labour party waiting for a fairly long and painful process of rethinking its policy, which was rejected by the voters.

According to Corbin, the results of the elections were a great disappointment for the labour party, but the party, in his opinion, walked on them with the right program.

“Pexit polarized positions in the political debate, he switched the normal political debate. And this, I admit, was reflected in the results that the labour party has shown across the country,” said Corbin.

In General, observers agree that to a large extent, these elections became a kind of plebiscite on the question of Britain’s membership in the European Union.

Who is Boris Johnson

What exactly does the slogan “Finish brakcet”? If we consider only the first phase of brexia, to carry out which will be the task of the government of Boris Johnson, Britain will leave the EU by the beginning of 2020. At least, it is exactly expect EU leaders.

After this, the second phase — namely, the negotiations between Britain and the EU about a trade agreement. Boris Johnson says he wants to be able to begin this work in December 2020.

Response of the European Union is essentially this: “If you want to make a deal quickly, we can provide that, but on our terms”.

After that we can discuss what share of the sovereignty and control to really regain the Kingdom if Johnson will have to agree to comply with the European standards for environment protection, labour legislation and so on.

The European Union hopes that Johnson, having secured a majority in Parliament, will say, “Well, I know what I’m talking about 2020, but that was too ambitious. Let’s spend a little more time and make a really comprehensive and full-scale deal between Britain and the European Union.”

That is, they hope that a big advantage for Johnson in Parliament will give a softer brakcet.

Today EU leaders gather in Brussels, and we can expect that they will say: “We are ready, we want to negotiate, so let’s start”.

The success of the Scots

The Scottish national party, the main point in the program where the prompt holding of a new referendum on Scottish independence, won in 48 of the 59 Scottish constituencies.

The leader of the SNP and Prime Minister of the autonomy of the Scottish Nicola Sturgeon said after the election that they give the party the mandate to achieve a second referendum on independence.

“Scotland is made clear: we don’t want Boris Johnson, and we don’t want to get out of the EU,” said Sturgeon.

The frustration of the liberal Democrats

The liberal democratic party had hoped to gain a significant number of seats in Parliament, focusing on a General dissatisfaction with the two leaders of the largest parties and opponents of breccia, of which there are many in the country. Its leader, Joe Swenson stated that in case of victory libdemov breaksit will be stopped.

However, the liberal Democrats end up losing one seat in Parliament, winning only 11. Moreover, Joe Swenson lost in his constituency and will no longer be the leader of the party.

The pound strengthened

As soon as the evening of 12 December was published the exit poll data according to which the tories won a landslide victory, the British pound jumped against both the dollar and the Euro.

The pound against the dollar rose by 2.7% and exceeded 1.35 USD per pound. Against the Euro rate rose by almost 2%.

By Friday morning there was a small correction, but the pound is still worth significantly more than in the last eighteen months, when he was kept in the range of 1.28-1.30 U.S. dollar.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • The new leader of the Conservative party (tories) in the UK Boris Johnson on 25 July, officially took the post of Prime Minister.