Joints crunch: causes and how to treat

Let’s see, what are the reasons that the joints begin to crackle and how to deal with it.

Суставы хрустят: причины и чем лечить

Loud cracking sounds that sometimes make our joints, cause people to fear – they are afraid that she came to an old age-no joy, and with it the sore joints. This is not so.

Most of the crackles (crepitate as it is called by doctors) is absolutely harmless. Although sometimes it may indicate the presence of the disease. Today we will tell you how to distinguish between them.

What causes crunching in the joints, if not a disease?

Increased mobility. Many believe that extra sounds during flexion of the joints suggests that their owner moves very little and poorly trained — they say that’s pretty clogged with salts, and therefore crunches. In fact, everything — is exactly the opposite. Most of all – on the contrary, a crunch in joints is associated with enhanced mobility. The scientific name for this phenomenon — the Hyper-mobility.

This is a congenital condition mostly occurs in young women, as they have the body produces collagen in a modified, more loose its quality characteristics. Does not require treatment, as the individual physiological feature.

The movement of ligaments, joints and tendons. At the time of motion inside the joint changes the position of the tendon. When returning the tendon to its point there is a clicking sound. Especially frequently observed in adolescence. The reason is that during the growth of different body tissues grow unevenly. As a result, and that such functional disproportion in the structure of the joint, which contributes to its high mobility. Does not require treatment, because the body is formed to 22-24 years, and by the time these unpleasant phenomena are alone.

Gas accumulation in the joints. Inside the joint is called synovial fluid, which acts as a lubricant. Inside this liquid is dissolved in the nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. If there is excessive stretching of the joint capsule or any other natural movement, the gases are gradually going to larger bubbles, which when burst voltage again, hence very little is heard cotton.

There are these types of crackles are caused by factors, eventually leading to diseases of the joints. What can cause the crunch?

Provocateurs painful crunch

mismatched shoes, including shoes with hairpin;
old age;
medication from the group of glucocorticoids, and oral contraceptives;
hormonal disorders and metabolic disorders;
improper diet;
injury by heavy physical exertion, including professional sports;
inactivity (lack of exercise);
flat feet.
So, if in addition to crunching, you will notice other factors, it can really says that it is time to seek the assistance of medicine.

Signs of diseases of the joints

If you along with, cracking near the joint you are experiencing the following signs, it indicates possible illness:

pain that increases with movement;
edema, the increase in tissue around the joint;
the joint is hard to bend, that is, restricted its mobility;
legs are trembling, there is instability;
numbness in the joints;
the crunch in the joint is not periodic, and continuous, improves with time.

Diseases of the joints

There are so many diseases of the joints, that they even broke into groups. We now list them:

— inflammatory and infectious diseases of the joints (infectious-allergic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Goff’s illness, gout, psoriatic arthritis);

— degenerative disease of the joints (osteoarthrosis deformans, intervertebral osteochondrosis);

— congenital disease of the joints (hip dysplasia, Marfan’s syndrome);

diseases of periarticular tissues (inflammation of tendons (tendinitis), joint bursas (bursitis), tendons (legalentity), fascia (fibrosity).

If the crunch in the joints?
The majority of doctors believes that the treatment of the joints is required, except when the crunch of the pain and others listed above discomfort. As seemingly innocuous increased mobility of the joints may eventually be accompanied by varicose veins, since blood vessels contain large amounts of collagen. Those who from childhood prone to hypermobility, you should choose a job that is not related to a permanent stay in the same position. Especially hurts to spend long hours in standing position.

If rustling and crackling to bother you mainly in the area of the ankles, fingers, spine, or knees, but the pain with no to worry about it is absolutely not worth it. The structure of these joints is arranged by nature in such a way that even a small movement can lead to cod, even if they are completely healthy.

Prevention of diseases of the joints
Joint disease most often caused by a sedentary lifestyle, or make a mess of things – heavy strain. Of course, sitting in the same position for 8-9 hours a day may be good for the whole organism, and of course, our joints are no exception. If you have no choice, you should at least every 20-30 minutes get up and move for several minutes moving joints, restoring blood flow.

Leaders who care about the health of their subordinates, should have forgotten the practice of industrial gymnastics. If the authorities on you in this sense spit – take care of yourself: periodically, do a small warm-up, with twists of the head, the body, the clenching of fists and rotational movements of the feet, knees, hands, and shoulder joint.

Find time for yourself and 2-3 times a week go to the pool – the best of sports, almost no injuries and at the same time, intensive work of a large number of muscles and joints.

Overweight is one of the main enemies of healthy joints. From it more often affects the joints of the feet. Therefore, people suffering from overweight shows low-carb diet that excludes the presence of sugar, flour and potatoes in the diet. You should also limit the intake of animal fats. Try to imagine what a strain on your joints happen if you are overweight in 20 kilograms. To do this, pick up pounds of the weight and walk with her at least 10 minutes. It is unlikely you will like it. Now imagine what torments experiencing your body when worn all day by a margin of 20-30, maybe more kilos.

Healthy diets and regular exercise can stop the development of osteoarthritis at early stages, and with little effort it is even possible to increase the cartilage tissue. In addition, exercise improves blood flow to the muscles and tissues surrounding the joint provide the content of oxygen to his cartilage, and restores the metabolic processes in the joint.

How to deal with problems in the joints?
Usually when the most common joint disease – osteoarthritis – doctors prescribe the administration of chondroprotectors. Drugs in this group usually contain chondroitin and/or glucosamine. They are highly efficient and give almost no side effects. These drugs are effective and well tolerated. However, very often, doctors prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Diclofenac; Ibuprofen; Indomethacin; Meloxicam.

And selective anti-inflammatory drugs: Celebrex; Arcoxia.

Thus, if, except for the crunch in the joints as you’re doing – do not panic, it is enough to try to lead a healthy lifestyle. If to the crunch added listed in article unpleasant symptoms, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.