Joking about sex with seniors: the history teacher was fired for “personal dirt”

Шутила на тему секса со старшеклассниками: учительницу истории уволили за "аморалку"

In the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, where the recent tragedy with the murder of PhD student, teacher of history and natural science of the school № 579 Love Frolov fired because of complaints from parents who saw her Twitter page.

This writes MK.

The reason for the dismissal was that in his blog, the teacher with the nickname mistress of Beer confides about personal life like drink alcohol in their free time and teaching — scary to think jokes about sex with seniors!

Led Frolova your blog under a pseudonym since 2013, and it is in no way not intended to Express the views of teachers and parents. The account has shared intimate confessions about his personal life. However, one day, someone of the parents saw her page.

“Let’s start with the fact that the shock was caused by nick himself — the lady Beer. Really good teacher with the same name will be able to teach children? But most of all jarred remarks of the teacher about the desire to… have sex,” writes the author.

The Love Frolov, who thought of the teacher from childhood, wrote after the incident: “Today I was at recess simultaneously fired for my Twitter. Sooner or later it had to happen, because to become disciples only understand their adult is equal to “not have a corresponding teacher’s moral character”.

However, the loss of her is still upset: “the Children naturally began to cry… She kept to the last and sobbed sitting in the taxi.” The teacher does not blame the school and calls the administration the “good people”.

High school students outraged that their beloved teacher was expelled from school. They believe that it is impossible to fire teachers, characterized by freedom of thought. On 22 November some of the children came to school in black clothes, thus expressing their protest.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the teacher of Russian Barnaul fired just because she posted their photos in the sports swimsuit near the hole, accusing it of erotic photography. Also we will remind that in Russia in the city of Kemerovo the teacher of one of the colleges was confused with the pornographic actress, which she was forced to resign.

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