Jovanovic accused trump in criminal foreign policy

Йованович обвинила Трампа в преступной внешней политике

On Friday, October 11, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch spoke at closed hearings in Congress in the investigation of the “Ukrainedate”. Until the very last minute it was not clear that the diplomat will dare to answer the questions of the members of the three committees of the U.S. Congress who are investigating the scandal surrounding Donald trump and his attempts to exert pressure on the Ukrainian authorities and a number of other States with the purpose of getting dirt on former Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden, who is considered the most likely Democratic candidate in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

Jovanovic went against the White house’s decision to refuse to cooperate with Congress in this investigation, which is part of the impeachment Trump, launched at the initiative of the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi. As already reported “FACTS”, the administration trump accused Democrats of trampling civil liberties. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo argued that none of the current and former employees of the State Department, including Jovanovic and Kurt Volker, to give evidence to the committees of Congress will not.

Recall that Marie Yovanovitch has left his post in Kiev in may 2019 at the personal request of President trump, who accused the diplomat in the absence of loyalty. However, she was not dismissed from the state Department of state, and therefore must comply with all orders Pompeo and the presidential administration.

In his opening remarks, Yovanovitch was immediately struck with charges on the White house. She stated that the administration of President trump is pursuing a U.S. foreign policy based on “the protection of private interests” of individuals, whose influence has forced many professional diplomats to retire from service in the state Department.

Own resignation Jovanovic called “incredible and suspicious.” She stressed that the grounds for dismissal were “based on nothing and false accusations made by people who had suspicious motives.” The lack of loyalty she was accused primarily personal lawyer Trama Rudolph Giuliani.

“I don’t know for what reasons Mr. Giuliani decided to declare war on me. Perhaps the people associated with him, believed that their personal financial ambitions will suffer because of the anti-corruption policy, which we carried out in Ukraine”, — said Jovanovic.

She also said that never met with businessmen Lev Parnas and Igor Romanom who were arrested in Washington on 9 October. As already reported “FACTS”, these gentlemen took a very active part in the actions taken by the environment trump in the dismissal of Jovanovic from the position of Ambassador to Ukraine.

Marie Yovanovitch noted that I was very surprised when I received the order to hand over the case and take a flight from Kiev to Washington “next flight”. Because just two months earlier — in March 2019 — Pompeo asked her to continue working in Ukraine before 2020.

When Jovanovic returned to the United States and began to investigate the cause of his resignation, one of the Vice-Pompeo told her that the decision was personally taken trump. “I was told that the President lost trust in me and no longer wants me, continued to serve as Ambassador,” said Jovanovic members of Congress.

Looks like Jovanovic is not the only one who intends to violate the prohibition of the White house of cooperation with congressional committees. Next week in closed session intends to provide testimony, US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland. He was directly involved in the preparation of a telephone conversation between trump and the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, who was the starting point of “Ukrainedate”. Recall, there is evidence that Sandland and Kurt Volker was preparing a statement to Zelensky, whom the Ukrainian President was to speak, but never spoke. It concerns the resumption of the investigation of the activities of the company Burisma, the Board of Directors where he worked for five years son of Joe Biden hunter Biden.

Also gave its prior consent to testify to members of Congress a former senior national security Council United States Fiona hill, in charge of White house policy towards Russia.

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