Julia Roberts, adriana Lima, and others were victims of a prank in Instagram


Recently many Internet users worldwide became victims of fake Internet mailing, first launched in the distant year of 2012. Among them were many celebrities: Julia Roberts, adriana Lima, Gal gadot, Asher, Dave Bautista, Taraji Hanson, Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry and not only. They are all published in their Instagram accounts viral message about the new privacy policy of the social network and urged his followers to publish the post and on their pages.

Джулия Робертс, Адриана Лима и другие стали жертвами пранка в Instagram

Don’t forget, tomorrow will come into force the new rules on Instagram! All you to this post in their microblogs, will become available to the public. Instagram can use your images, information, and messages for their own purposes. The content published in this profile completely private. All Instagram users have reposted this message, to protect yourself,

— said in the message posted many stars and other users of Instagram.

Pretty quickly it became clear that spreading the message is fake. After that, Roberts, Lima and others removed from their pages this message. As it turned out, exactly the same prank has already been published on the Internet seven years ago — only then it is spread on open spaces Facebook. This time the text of the address remains the same, the changed was only the name of the social network: Facebook on top of the lettering more bold was written in Instagram.

Many network users struck, the stars paid no attention to the fact that viral distribution looks suspicious, and began to spread her, deceiving their followers. In addition, they are struck by the naivety of celebrities who fell for the prank: the fact that every user of Instagram when you create your account automatically agrees with the policy of the social network, whereby users are unable on their own to make any changes.

Criticized in the Western press and Instagram itself, which has failed to promptly stop sending such fake messages. Many netizens are convinced that one of the main problems with Instagram is slow to react to such attacks and users ‘ complaints.

Have you ever been the victim of a similar prank?