Julia Roberts again turned into a Vivien in Pretty woman

Julia Roberts again turned to the lady Vivien in Pretty woman. Work done for an advertising campaign shot for the brand Calzedonia.

Джулия Робертс снова перевоплотилась в Вивьен из «Красотки»

“Pretty woman” told the story of the rich man on the white “Lotus” and the girl of easy virtue, framed by the rest of the 45th foot size. In one scene, Vivian takes Edward’s credit card and goes on a Rodeo Drive shopping. The blazer is similar to a shirt, makes the heroine attractive lady.

In advertising Robert appears in a similar outfit with the bags in his hands. For full repetition of the image lacks only the elegant hats with brim. Hair color is also not consistent with the film’s heroine is a redhead, and the actress is a blonde.