Julia Wieniawa and Nikodem Rozbicki are no longer together. It is known what happened behind the separation of the couple

Why are Julia Wieniawa and Nikodem Rozbicki not together anymore?

 Julia Wieniawa and Nikodem Rozbicki are no longer together. We know what happened behind the break-up of the couple

As the “Super Express” website reminds us, over the last two years, Nikodem Rozbicki and Julia Wieniawa have been creating a successful relationship. Unfortunately, this account is a thing of the past, which was confirmed by those in love. The couple's friends reveal that the paths of the two had been parting for some time and their parting was inevitable. What was the reason for him?

It's official: Wieniawa and Rozbicki are no longer together

The fact that Julia Wieniawa and Nikodem Rozbicki are no longer a couple has been speculated for some time. Fans pointed out that the actors stopped adding common photos. Unfortunately, the worst guesses of the couple's sympathizers turned out to be true. The actors confirmed that they are no longer a couple, although they still “have an ocean of goodness and an intergalactic bond to each other.”

Many people do not hide their surprise at the unexpected separation of the couple. After all, until recently they could be seen together and they looked really in love. A friend of the couple revealed that Wieniawa did not have a particularly long time for her boyfriend recently. She promoted her album throughout the summer, plays in a series and runs a clothing company.

“Nicodemus stayed with her so that they could see each other more often, but she was not at home anyway” – added the couple's friend, quoted by the “Super Express” portal.

Sometimes there were tensions

In one of the interviews, Nikodem Rozbicki himself said that tensions sometimes arise between him and Julia, which cannot be avoided in no relationship. The more that, as he himself admitted, both of them have quite strong temperaments. He added that when they had quarrels, they tried to find at least a thread of understanding.

There are many indications that Julia Wieniawa does not intend to despair after the end of the relationship and focuses on work. She has just announced more concerts that will effectively fill her time.

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