Jump in the cost of snow removal in Trois-Rivières

Snow removal costs jump in Trois-Rivières


The costs of snow removal contracts awarded by the City of Trois-Rivières for the 2022-2023 winter have soared compared to the previous cold season. 

The last three contracts awarded by the City show an average increase of 55% over a period of five years.

This rate, although high, was greeted with some relief by the City, which was counting on an average increase of 65% over five years in its forecasts.

It must be said that in the northern sector of Trois-Rivières-Ouest, the increase reached 95%.

Service providers cite several reasons to justify the increase in their bids, including the lack of labor, as well as shortages and price increases of fuel, equipment, spare parts, spreading materials and insurance.

The Cimentier Laviolette company refrained from weighing too much on the pencil in its contract renewal proposal. “I knew a little that the City of Trois-Rivières was thinking of a 30% increase. I put myself at 27%. I leaned against it, respecting all the same that I have to manage to live,” confided owner Laurent Turgeon.

Faced with this phenomenon, the City has brought together its snow removal contractors for the hear and, as far as possible, simplify their lives. Thus, it was understood that if two shifts are planned 24 or 48 hours apart, only one snow transport operation at the very end will be required.

“If we can cumulate two precipitation from one day to the next, we will do it to make sure not to make two outings, two small outings, but rather to take a big one, ”explained the director of public works of the City, Alain Lizotte.

It was also agreed to relieve entrepreneurs of the management of complaints from citizens. From now on, a closer triage of complaints sent via line 311 will be done by the City.