Junk food: why do farmers around the world throw away tons of the crop

Farmers around the world admit defeat before the virus, because this year they have to dispose of entire crops. The possibility to export them and sell there: markets and many logistics companies do not work, there are problems with the export of products from the fields and warehouses, writes Liga.Business.

Ненужная еда: почему фермеры всего мира тоннами выбрасывают урожай

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Farmers count their huge losses, and vegetable dumps grow. Because of the closed borders on the fields worldwide at the season 2020, no one will harvest: seasonal workers will stay home.

Thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables rotted this spring in farmers ‘ fields under the hot sun of Florida, becoming the unexpected victim of the pandemic coronavirus infection. Zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, were not timely collected and lost, as farmers cannot sell the crop to its loyal customers — closed due to virus outbreak restaurants, amusement parks and schools across the country, writes Voice of America.

With exactly the same problems faced by other States from the impact of the pandemic has affected in particular the California farmers who grow leafy greens, and milk producers in Vermont and Wisconsin.

Ненужная еда: почему фермеры всего мира тоннами выбрасывают урожай

Screenshot: American farmers complain about the shortage of workers to harvest. VICE News/YouTube

Many manufacturers now donate products to food banks, but the problem is that perishable fruit and vegetables cannot be stored for a long time. Farmers try to sell the goods to the supermarket chains, but it is not easy. The major networks have already signed contracts with farmers to grow products for retailers, many of which were located outside the United States.

On the West coast of the United States, farmers who grow lettuce and other leafy greens, also suffered from the effects of the pandemic. According to Cory Lund, a representative of the Western Growers, many farmers in the result left the harvest fields of green. According to him, the jump in demand for their products among retail customers, which occurred at the beginning of the outbreak, have come to naught: people stay home and are much less likely to go to the shops for groceries.

Ненужная еда: почему фермеры всего мира тоннами выбрасывают урожай

Screenshot: farmers are forced to pour tons of milk, which are unable to implement during a pandemic. 10TampaBay/YouTube

According to the nationwide food Bank network Feeding America, before the beginning of the pandemic in food aid needed about 37 million Americans.

At the same time, financial support to farmers affected by the coronavirus allocated $9.5 billion.

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