Just a week in Chicago, a stray bullet killed three and wounded two children

Violence with use of firearms on the streets of Chicago claimed the lives of three minors and two more were wounded in the riots — only last week, writes Fox News.

Всего за неделю в Чикаго шальные пули убили троих и ранили двоих детей

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10-year-old Lena Maria núñez was killed on Saturday evening, June 27, when a stray bullet broke the window and hit her in the head. At this time the girl was at home, in the apartment on the second floor of West Dickens. Police said her 8-year-old cousin was wounded by shards of glass.

On the same day, 20-month-old boy Zinser Gaston was shot dead in broad daylight when he was sitting in the car seat in the car with his mother in the Inglewood neighbourhood. A few hours earlier, 17-year-old boy died from a gunshot wound after engaging in a fight in the “big crowd,” said power.

“Children are killed all too often — said chief of police Fred Waller at a press conference after the death of Gaston. — It seems like it was yesterday, and it was actually last Saturday, when I stood before you and talked about the death of a three year old child… When will it stop?”

But just two hours after the murder, Nunez suffered another 8-year-old girl in West Inglewood — also in his home, according to local media. The window took a bullet and shot her in the head. The girl was immediately taken to Children’s hospital the comer, where, as the doctors say she is in “satisfactory condition”.

All the incidents remain under investigation.

A tragic shooting occurred less than a week after a 3-year-old Bellows, James was killed in Chicago’s West side, the victim of a shooting from the car.

According to the analysis of crime statistics conducted by the Chicago Tribune, the week from 15 to 21 June was the most violent in Chicago, at least since 2012 — were wounded 106 people, 14 of whom died.

“Last Sunday, the number of murders in the city increased by more than 25%, to 295, which is 60 more than in the same period a year ago, — writes the edition. — 96 of them occurred during the 28-day cut, which covered the greater part of June.”

Julio Rivera, the editor of the Reactionary newspaper Times politics and crime policy, said that the crime rate in Chicago is very high.

“2020 is particularly cruel: 1127 victims of the shooting since the beginning of the year to may represents a 30% increase compared to the year 2019, he said Fox News. In June things got worse, the culmination of the month was the most violent weekend in Chicago 2012 in the evening of 19 June to the evening of June 21 was shot at least 106, at least 14 people were killed”.

But in anticipation of the upcoming weekend of July 4, which each year show the worst surge of violence in Chicago, the worst may still be ahead.

But it is particularly tragic that the victims are increasingly young people and children caught in the crossfire.

Well-known Chicago activist Diane Latiker monument in memory of the children of Chicago who were killed by bullets, engraved with hundreds of names. The terrifying reality is that now there are new names for engraving.

“It takes away part of your soul, said Latter local branch of Fox 32. — Whoever was on this rock, someone loved them.”