Just two days after the opening of Yellowstone Park to the visitor was attacked by a Buffalo

A woman injured in the attack bison just two days after the opening of Yellowstone National Park, which was closed to visitors during the period of quarantine restrictions, writes CNN.

Всего через два дня после открытия парка Йеллоустоун на посетительницу напал бизон

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Two days after Yellowstone national Park was partially opened, one of the attendees shot and wounded her attacker Buffalo.

According to the press Secretary of the Park Linda Veres, the victim is too closely followed with wild animals Wednesday, may 20.

Representatives of the Park has not released the name of the victim.

The Park said the woman was knocked down by a Buffalo and got injured. She assisted the medical staff of the Park, but she chose to refuse admission.

According to Veres, the guest did not follow the instructions of the Park, requiring the observance of a distance of at least 25 yards (approximately 23 metres) of all large animals.

May 12 while the Park was still closed, another visitor slipped illegally into its territory and fell in the “hot object” (so they called the authorities), the famous Yellowstone geyser. This visitor was taken by ambulance to the burn center.

Park — like many other national parks and recreation areas in the United States — closed its doors to visitors from late March in response to the pandemic coronavirus.

In a press release published earlier in may, the Park announced that it had developed a plan for its gradual revelation, which will begin may 18.

“Wyoming has lifted restrictions on travel outside of the state and demanded that the entrances to the Park from the territory of the state was opened may 18, — stated in the message. In the States of Montana and Idaho continue to operate restrictions, and the Park works closely with these States and districts as soon as possible to access the remaining entries”.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Bison are often attacked people in the national parks. In July of 2019 just a week in the national parks of the USA has occurred two attacks Buffalo for minor — 22 July in Yellowstone Park bison flipped a 9-year-old girl, and on 27 July in a national Park by Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota the animal attacked 17-year-old girl.
  • In October of 2019, a young man, who three months before was attacked by a Buffalo, is back on the scene with the bride to spend a romantic date at sunset — this time it again ended badly, but now the Buffalo attacked the girl.



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