Justin Bieber made fun of Taylor swift

One short video was enough to bring fans Taylor swift in rage.

Джастин Бибер высмеял Тейлор Свифт

Last week Taylor swift was a guest on the show Jimmy Fallon, where was a surprise for her mother. It turns out that not so long ago the singer underwent surgery for the correction of vision, which for some time she had to spend at home with a special mask on the face. Mother Taylor was sent on transfer funny video in which the singer tries to break off one banana from a bunch, but soon begins to complain that broke not the one I wanted.

A few days later, Hailey Baldwin shared with fans a video in which Justin Bieber parodied the singer. In the video, standing in the kitchen, the performer exclaims:

It’s not the banana that I wanted! This is the wrong banana!