Justin Trudeau ahead of the leaders of all parties participating in elections in Canada (PHOTOS)

Джастин Трюдо опережает лидеров всех партий, участвующих в выборах в Канаде (ФОТО)

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is the most popular politician among the leaders of the parties participating in the canadian parliamentary elections, reports TASS with reference to data of sociological survey research company public opinion Nanos Research, which was published on Tuesday.

Personal rating of the Prime Minister and the leader of the Liberal party now is 34,21%. In second place is the leader of the Conservative party Andrew Scheer (29,87%), the third head of the New democratic party Jagmeet Singh (8,33%), and closes the four of the most popular politicians the head of the “Green party” Elizabeth may (6,99 %).

The overall rating of the leader of the “bloc Quebecois” Yves-françois Blanchet and head of people’s party of Canada Maxim Bernier is less than 4.5%. Nanos Research notes that 16,29% of the respondents decided on their preference.

Poll data indicate that the Liberal party is now ready to vote for 35.1% of the respondents, the conservatives – 33.5 per cent for the new Democrats – 12.9% and “green” with 10.1%. The study involved 1 million people.

Elections are scheduled for October 21. The leader of the winning party becomes Prime Minister of Canada.