Justin Trudeau announces three new inflation aids

Justin Trudeau announces three new inflation aids


OTTAWA | Canadians will soon be eligible for three new supports from the federal government, starting with the implementation of the first part of the dental care program first announced in Budget 2022.  

The program will allow families with incomes below $90,000 to receive a check for up to $650 for each child under the age of 12 for two years to receive dental care. 

This program is expected to be fully rolled out by 2025, but will expand to include seniors, minors and people with disabilities as of the end of 2023. 

In addition, Justin Trudeau on Monday announced a one-time supplement $500 for people receiving the Canada Housing Benefit. 

Thirdly, the Trudeau government intends to double the GST tax credit for a period of six months.  

About 11 million Canadians are eligible for this tax credit. 

Trudeau defends himself

“The first thing we did as a government was to lower taxes for the middle class by increasing them for the wealthy, and Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives voted against those measures,” exploded the Prime Minister 

“We delivered a Canada child benefit which gives hundreds of dollars a month to families who need it, and Pierre Poilevre voted against these measures,” said he continued. 

Poilievre remains vague

At a press briefing in Ottawa, Pierre Poilievre slammed the government's initiatives, which he says are “inflationary spending”. 

“The more he spends, the more expensive everything is,” he said in a brief briefing of a few minutes in Parliament. 

Mr. Poilievre argues that it is necessary to “restrain spending, cut waste, reduce the deficit, incentivize municipalities to build houses and get rid of the carbon tax”, to fight inflation.