“Justinflation” amid a war of words

'Justinflation' in the midst of a war of words


More inflation. Always inflation. The rise in the cost of living has defined since the return to parliament the fault line of the federal political standoff.

Ideological battle around the methods to remedy it. Battle of symbols between which party best understands the reality of families who suffer from it.

However, it has also become a war of words.

In the world of politics at 30-second hits on social media, the new Conservative leader's witticism has literally become a formidable weapon.

Weathervane 2022

We will remember all the ink that had been spilled over the banning of the word “weathervane”. in the National Assembly. The Commons also have their index of proscribed words because deemed unparliamentary.

Above all, it is forbidden to refer to a deputy by his first name.

In his partisan flights, Pierre Poilièvre has taken the habit of regularly evoking “Justinflation”. to denounce the inaction of the Liberal government in the face of rising prices. We understand that it is above all a question of imprinting in the minds of the electorate that Justin Trudeau and the astronomical expenses of the pandemic are responsible for it.

When he was a backbencher, the Liberals found it irritating. Now that he is leader of the opposition, it's a different story.

So they complained about hearing the prime minister called by his first name, Justin.

The president has decided. Banish “Justinflation. /p>

It is therefore with malicious pleasure that a war of words has turned into a war of intonation.

For all the childishness that marks the parliamentary game, this could well be decisive in view of the next federal election.

There are jokes that are not so easily discarded. Justin Trudeau clearly dreads it.

The «Justinflation