Juul turns the advertising of vaping in the United States, continuing it in Canada (PHOTO)

Juul сворачивает рекламу вейпинга в США, продолжая ее в Канаде (ФОТО)

A company representative from San Francisco Juul Labs stated that its commitment not to promote their e-cigarettes in print, digital and television advertising only applies to USA but not Canada.

In an email to its affiliate in Canada, says Juul Labs is an international company, but “this statement applies only to the United States.” The company did not answer the question of how Juul sells its products in Canada.

On Wednesday, the largest manufacturer of electronic cigarettes in the United States also announced that its CEO Kevin burns will retire, and promised not to make a campaign against the ban on flavoring proposed by the administration trump.

The decision was the second case within a year, when the marketing policy is by Juul in the United States and Canada is built differently. In November 2018 the company said it will continue to sell pod system, with tastes of mango, fruit and cucumber in retail outlets of Canada, while South of the border, she refused, as this may be an additional motive for adolescents to use its products.

Guide Juul did not want to explain why they see a connection between natural products and its use by young people in the States but not in Canada, saying only that two markets are “very different”.

Juul and hundreds of small companies manufacturing electronic cigarettes are fighting for their survival, since public health has put them before the fact there are two serious problems associated with vaping: the mysterious lung disease, and the growing use of e-cigarettes by teenagers.

Specialists from health to investigate hundreds of cases of diseases of the respiratory system, but have not yet identified any product or ingredient. At the same time, the number of minors vapers has reached epidemic levels, according to the principal persons of the health of the country. So, last month about Smoking electronic cigarettes said every fourth high school student.

Juul appeared on the canadian market in August 2018 with a promise to help five million adult smokers Canada to quit Smoking by providing an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

It was claimed that the device Juul, USB dock and flavored liquid for vaping containing nicotine, will be available for purchase in retail stores, vaping shops and on the website.

In July in Toronto Juul opened its first corporate store in Canada. Two weeks ago in Edmonton opened a second.

2018 Juul tries to avoid applying yourself tough measures in the United States through a series of voluntary steps, including the withdrawal of retail sales of several flavors and closure of accounts in social networks.

Currently, the company faces numerous investigations by Congress, several Federal agencies and attorneys General in several States.