Juventus are SMG dostrokove oformiti “scudetto” (video)

"Ювентус" не зміг достроково оформити "скудето" (видео)

Paulo Dbale of rozczarowani

At the 35-th round Car And Juventus, vistupali in Udine, mg itsuno vdev the ive popl oformiti titles of the champion of the country.

However pidopichni Mauro Carr sensacine progravshih modest “Udinese” (1:2) I have silisili “Atlant”, “Naru” I “Lazio” kotri vascauti od “Staro signiori” on 6, 7 , 8 point respectively, the chance of abiti turintsev.

Although in pers 45 minute all skladalo good for guests. I have match vdkev zahisnik of Juventus FC Matteis De LGT. Hollandets Brazil gate of supernice zdaleka.

Have debut other half gospodar vanavil the status quo. 90+2 huilin udruge was embarrassed guests.

Have pasumalai podenco 36 tour Juventus prima “Sandora”. Match budesa in nedly, on July 26. Sudachi s Usoga, Turin versile waswatching his chergova the title in rdname “Allianz Stedium”. For tsogo m necessary in this match of zabiti of genueztsami one m ball more.