Juventus will play in the match for the Supercup of Italy in t-shirts with the names written in the Arabic language (photo)

"Ювентус" сыграет в матче за Суперкубок Италии в футболках с фамилиями, написанными на арабском языке (фото)

Juventus on the official website of the submitted form, which will play in the Italian super Cup against Lazio.

It is noteworthy that the names of players on shirts will be written in Arabic.

The form was developed in collaboration with renowned artist Saudi-Moroccan calligraphy Shaker Kashgari.

The match between Juventus and Lazio will take place on 22 December in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) at University stadium named after king Saud.

The match will start at 18:45 in Kiev.