JV partners-2, talking about the freezing of the project

Партнеры СП-2 заговорили о заморозке проекта

Uniper allows a complete stop of the project Nord stream-2

Possible US sanctions increase the likelihood of cessation of construction of the pipeline, I think in the Uniper.

The company Uniper, which is a partner of Gazprom on the Nord stream-2, expresses the increased probability of freezing the gas pipeline. This is stated in the report. TASS on Tuesday, August 11.

“As soon as the United States stepping up their efforts to target sanctions against Nord stream-2, the probability of delay or even halt construction of the pipeline increases,” the report says.

The project is working to mitigate the effects of the suspended work on the laying of pipes and over bringing the project to completion.

“If the project eventually is completed, Uniper, you may have to write off the loan granted to Nord Stream 2, and losing the anticipated interest income”, — the report says.

As you know, plastische increasing pressure on German and other European companies involved in the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2.

But in the EU, according to media reports, working to create a mechanism that will make it more resistant to possible sanctions from other countries, in particular in relation to SP-2.