Kaley cuoco explained why he lives separately from her husband

American actress kaley cuoco, known for the TV series “the big Bang Theory” and “Charmed“, lives separately from her husband Carl cook.

Кейли Куоко рассказала, почему живёт отдельно от мужа

Despite the fact that the wedding of my beloved played in the summer of 2018, they still live separately. But fans need not worry: the couple is not divorced, their relationship is good. Just Kayleigh and Carl will work together to build your dream home, where we will live together. And until the construction work, they live each in his own abode.

“Life is a balance. Everything is fine, we are building a dream house, so I’ll be able to live together. But while separated, and there is no problem”-

said the actress in an interview with Extra Tv.

The couple has a favorite place where they spend time together. For example, they love horse riding.

Note that Kaylee and Carl met in 2016. A year later they became engaged, and in 2018 were married.