Kamaliya admired stylish outfit

The richest Ukrainian singer Kamaliya often shows fans footage of his life. Need to be reminded that she is married to a billionaire Mohammad Zahoor, married couple for six years and are raising beautiful daughters Mirabella and Arabella. Kamaliya often published in expensive outfits, causing heated discussion in the network.

Камалия восхитила стильным аутфитом

As reported Plitkar with reference to Instagram the stars, followers have become accustomed to expensive evening gowns and off the shoulder, which often the singer prefers to wear. But recently, Kamalia appeared before the subscribers a completely new way, what made the fans delight.

She has published a photo where posing in a trendy red leather jacket with black decor. Image Kamaliya added narrow black jeans and a stylish cap. Makeup singer decided to make nadovich tones, and prefer a minimum of accessories.

“The first day of the second year of study in the graduate of the National University of Physical Education and sport of Ukraine” signed celebrity photo. Kamaliya’s fans praised the singer said that the way she looks and wished success in training: “Good. Success”, “Good For You. Success”, “Successes and achievements”.