Kanye West on “tough” marriage to Kim Kardashian, the dreams of seven children and religion

Recently, the 42-year-old Kanye West became the hero of the evening show with James Korden. In an interview with the entertainer, the rapper talked a lot about his personal life. So, Kanye admitted that incredibly happy five years to live in a marriage with 39-year-old Kim Kardashian.

Канье Уэст о «крутом» браке с Ким Кардашьян, мечтах о семи детях и религии

Our relationship was not so cool until we decided to tie the knot. Many people thought that being married is not cool. However, when I got married, they changed their minds. Actually marriage is more than cool. This is a real Paradise, that’s great, it’s wonderful

— West shared his thoughts.

In the interview the rapper also noted that time spent in marriage, feels quite differently. So, Kanye equated one year of marriage to human 100 years, and also noted that according to their own feelings, lives with Kim for 500 years.

I don’t like going to hang out somewhere at night. I like to spend this time with your family. Usually we all have dinner together, then play with the kids and puts them to sleep. Then we go to bed, and while my wife watches soap operas, I read the Bible,

— told Kanye about how are usually held their family night with Kim.

James Corden also asked the rapper, if they think with Kardashian about the fifth child. Kanye wasted no time in answering that dreams of a big family, and admitted that he and Kim have long agreed that the ideal option for them would be to have seven children.

In the conversation the topic came about recently released album Kanye West Jesus Is King and his attitude to religion. The rapper confirmed that indeed some time ago converted to Christianity, and told how it is fellowship with God:

God uses me as a human being. Matter how immodest it may sound, but he uses me to show off. At some point he came to me, settled in my heart and asked if I was ready to serve him. I have no regret and embarrassment about it.