Kanye West wants to change the name, to release sneakers from algae and become President

Kanye West has repeatedly talked about his desire to run for presidency in US elections in 2024. After his statements and the other stars (from Dwayne Johnson to Lindsay Lohan) began to think about moving to the White house. However, the dreams and Kanye have already started to voice the part of his election program, and though there are still as many as 5 years.

Канье Уэст хочет сменить имя, выпустить кроссовки из водорослей и стать президентом

Yesterday, the musician performed at the festival of innovation Fast Company. Discussing your fashion brand Yeezy, Kanye stated that it would create more jobs in the country, expanding their fashion Empire. Saying the phrase “When I run for President”, the rapper heard the laughter and asked: “And what are you laughing at?”, and in the same serious way and continued to talk about the impending changes in the country after his election victory.

Also at the conference, West said he wants to change his name to Christian Billionaire Genius Kanye West (Christian the genius-billionaire Kanye West). The last time he had a major crush on a religious theme: every weekend, concerts are held in the Church, goes to all his family, and his sons he gave the names of a Saint (“Holy”) and Psalm.

Talking about technological revolution, Kanye was forced listeners to his speech to laugh. Thus, the Rome he called the Silicon valley, and then added that the world has only four elements: earth, wind, fire and water … “So you can play on iPhone is like playing with mud.” He also promised soon to present a new collection of biodegradable sneakers, created from algae.