Karate Quebec considered outlaw

Karaté Québec considered outlaw< /p> UPDATE DAY

Karate Quebec is forced to postpone the Quebec Cup, a competition that was the first selection for the Canada Games, scheduled for this weekend, due to a vagueness surrounding the interpretation and application of the Criminal Code.

In an interview Friday with QUB radio, the president of Karate Quebec, Stéphane Rivest, explained that this nebulous situation makes karate competitions illegal in Quebec, unlike other places in the country.

“The situation is totally absurd. The competition could have taken place in Ottawa, but not in Gatineau. It fell like a hammer blow when the ministry advised us that since the discipline was not retained for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, we became illegal, because we no longer had an exemption in link with article 83.2.a of the Criminal Code”, he mentioned at the microphone of Philipe-Vincent Foisy.

The latter pointed out that Karate Quebec no longer has this exemption, unlike other provinces in the country, which were able to obtain it by decree or specific legislation.

“Around 2013, British Columbia put in place an order when the new section of the Criminal Code came into effect. Ontario and Prince Edward Island have done the same thing to authorize amateur sport,” said the president.

According to Mr. Rivest, the drafting of a law or a decree passes through the ministry. Thereafter, it goes through the minister, the cabinet of ministers and the lieutenant-governor of the province.

“The department could have reacted nine years ago or a year ago to the exit of the Olympic Games”, he argued.

As the ministry considered that the competition was possibly illegal, Karate Quebec's insurance did not want to cover this event.

“It was unacceptable to hold a competition without insurance. Our athletes are losing an opportunity to qualify for the Canada Games. We will have another selection in November to give everyone the chance to have the best possible results,” said Mr. Rivest, knowing full well that he is at risk if the current situation does not change.