Karpaty escaped in Mariupol thanks to a penalty in the 94th minute: video highlights from championship matches…

«Карпаты» спаслись в Мариуполе благодаря пенальти на 94-й минуте: видеообзоры матчей чемпионата...

On Saturday, November 9, Chernigov, Mariupol, and Lviv took place the match of the 14th round of the championship of Ukraine on football.

The Championship Of Ukraine. 14-th round

Mariupol — Karpaty (Lvov) — 2:2 (Churko, 15, Mishnev, 55 — Nazarene, 59, 90+4, penalty). Youth championship — 1:1.

“Desna” (Chernigov) — “Dnepr-1” (Dnepr) — 1:1 (Khlyobas, 48 — Shapoval, 45+2). Youth championship — 2:1.

Lviv — Vorskla — 2:0 (Renan, 12, Jose Vitor, 41, penalty). On 35 minutes, removed, Luizao (“Vorskla”), and on the 82nd — Martynenko (“Vorskla”). Youth championship — 0:2.

“Mariupol” quite successfully performed at the home arena, and surely the charges of Oleksandr Babych was hoping to get three points in the match with Karpaty. Everything was for priazove more than successful — in the first half, the hosts completely controlled the game and deservedly took the lead, and after the break doubled their advantage. Perhaps Mariupol is too early to believe in their victory, but the Lviv side have not given up and still saved the match thanks to a penalty by the fourth (!) minute of stoppage time.

Chernihiv “Desna” in this season plays much better away than at home, in away matches the team of Alexander Ryabokon scored twice more points than in their own stadium of a name of Yury Gagarin. So this time, completely replaying “Dnepr-1” in the first half, at the break Chernigov left behind in the account. Shortly after the game resumed, the hosts leveled the score, but to break the resistance of the wards of Dmitry Mikhailenko and win “Desna” and failed, which allowed against Dnipro to interrupt their series of defeats in the Premier League, which consisted of five matches.

The duel of two outsiders (before reporting duel and Lviv, and Vorskla have not won the championship in the last eight games) ended in favor of the hosts. Lvov, the coach for the first time which was Egishe Melikyan (previous match against “Dynamo”, the newly-appointed head coach missed due to suspension) opened the scoring, but towards the end of the first half doubled their lead thanks to a penalty. By this time Poltava has played in the minority after two yellow cards was removed, Luizao (on the 82nd minute of the “Vorskla” and all were reduced to nine men after removal Martynenko), and in the end, “Lviv” no problem brought the match to his victory, lifted them off the bottom of the standings.


1. “Shakhtar” — 37 points (13 matches);

2. “Desna” — 27 (14);

3. Dynamo — 27 (13);

4. Zarya — 25 (13);

5. Alexandria — 23 (13);

6. Mariupol — 17 (14);

7. Olimpik — 14 (13);

8. Kolos — 14 (13);

9. “Dnepr-1” — 12 (14);

10. Karpaty — 11 (14);

11. Lviv — 11 (14).

12. Vorskla — 8 (14);

Scorers: 11 goals — Junior Moraes (Shakhtar); 8 — Bogdan Lednev (dawn); 6 — Artem biesiedin (“Dynamo”), taison, Marlos (both — Shakhtar), Alexander Filippov (Desna); 5 — Dmitry Khlyobas (“gums”), Victor Tsygankov (“Dynamo”).

Program of the 14th round will end on Sunday, November 10 with the following matches: “dawn” — “ear”, “Shakhtar” — “Dynamo”, “Olimpik” — “Alexandria”.


Photo of FC “Mariupol”

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