Karpaty left for quarantine at the club 25 are infected with coronavirus

"Карпаты" ушли на карантин, в клубе 25 зараженных коронавирусом

FC “Karpaty”

In the football club “Karpaty” has canceled all training and entered quarantine at least two weeks, reports the official site of the Lviv club.

The players and coaching staff of FC Karpaty have been tested for COVID-19, the results of which the club had to say about the outbreak of coronavirus.

Tests passed 65 people, all who were infected got acquainted with the results and are in isolation under the control of physicians.

“I appeal to the highest football authorities with a request not to stop the fights of the current season. Also appeal to all without exception the clubs of Ukraine – as much as possible be responsible for testing players, coaches and staff. From the risk of infection, no one is immune,” – said the press service.

According to insider information Football.ua the number of cases in the club is equal to 25, including 11 football players.