Karpaty Lviv was in the top 5 of the list of Europe

Львовские "Карпаты" попали в топ-5 антирейтинга Европы

FC Karpaty Lviv

Company CIES Football Observatory, specializing in statistics, did research on how often professional football teams changed head coaches.

Analysts took the period January 2015 to December 2019, and also took into consideration those professionals who have spent at least three games in his post.

In the section “Europe” in this kind of hit parade hit and Karpaty Lviv, taking the high, but, in this case, not honourable fifth place. Lviv club was replaced by a 5-year term 10 head coaches.

During this time the “green-whites” coached Igor Jovicevic, Vladimir Bezubik, Oleg Dulub, Sergio Navarro, Sergei Zaitsev, Oleg Boichyshyn, josé Morais, Fabry, Alexander Chizhevsky and Roman Sanjar, who now heads the club.

Globally, Lvov was occupied 37-e a place.

In addition, the list includes Donetsk “Olympic” (5, Sanjar, Shevchuk, Julio Cesar, Klimovsky and Gomez) and “Shakhtar” (3, Lucescu, Fonseca, Castro) and “Dynamo” (Rebrov, Khatskevich, Ukraine), Vorskla (nets, Kosovo, Maksimov) and Zarya (Vernidub, Scenic).

And led is not quite a nice rating in Europe, “Vojvodina”, which was dismissed 13 teachers.

But the Serbian club was not standing with “undisputed champion” – Bolivian “real Potosi”, which for five years has dismissed 20 coaches, i.e. on average once per quarter. Apparently, the Bolivians have such a popular game titled “Fire the coach”.

Let us add that only 30 clubs from 766 taken into account, coached only one coach during the five-year period.