Kasia Cichopek enriched herself with an affair with Maciej Kurzajewski. The amount he earns will surprise everyone

Hardly anyone can derive greater financial profit from being in a relationship with someone specific.

 Kasia Cichopek grew rich on an affair with Maciej Kurzajewski. The amounts that earn will surprise everyone

More specifically, the portal” JastrzabPost “is about intensifying the media interest in Katarzyna Cichopek who, being a media person, still receives lucrative offers of cooperation with companies on social media.

Kasia Cichopek started earning even more thanks to her relationship with Maciej Kurzajewski?

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Through them, many celebrities implement advertising campaigns for various products and services, and Katarzyna Cichopek has earned the name of an advertising column or a walking advertisement in this matter. No wonder, because even private moments captured in photos smuggle product placement.

Many influencers, with varying results, undertake such work via social media, but celebrities have a much greater chance of success in this field and smash the proverbial coconut, which, according to the portal, in the case of Kasia Cichopek is significantly increasing multiplied after the truth about her relationship with Maciej Kurzajewski came to light.

Now the media reports that the actress receives even more orders and offers, which she gladly accepts, which brings her much higher earnings for advertising products and services on the web.

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Celebrity started incl. cooperation with a company that sells cosmetics to eliminate cellulite. Cichopek started to advertise her oils and rubber bubbles, which she was massaging her legs in the video. For such cooperation, Kasia could receive at least 10 thousand. PLN – we read in one of the tabloids.

The media turmoil caused by scandals with Kurzajewski's ex-wife in the background, fueled even more interest in the person of Kasia Cichopek, who constantly advertises clothes on her Instagram profile , jewelery, cosmetics or accessories.

One thing is certain … Thanks to scandals and scandals, a wider group learned more about the person of Paulina Smaszcz, who did not intend to remain silent about her ex-husband's new love relationship.

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