Kasparov called Putin a dictator and said that the West is not rigidly react to his actions (PHOTOS)

Каспаров назвал Путина диктатором и заявил, что Запад недостаточно жестко реагируют на его действия (ФОТО)

Former world chess champion, Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov gave an interview to the German newspaper Bild, in which he called a dictator of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and expressed a deep disappointment with the policies of Western countries against Russia.

Kasparov stressed that taken against Moscow international sanctions are not enough to force the Kremlin to abandon destabilizing role in the world and the suppression of civil liberties in Russia. “We need to build a line of defense against the harmful effects of Putin”, – said Kasparov.

“The dictator is the one who remains in his position, distorting in their favor the laws and neutralizing the opposition. Look at the career of Putin. It has every possible trait of a dictator. Even open aggression against neighboring countries. Putin has taken Russia from Yeltsin, and with it the fragile democracy… there were elements of political freedoms, which had the potential to make Russia a true democracy. What Putin did? In the first three years he put an end to independent television. Then he destroyed all the independent media in the country… Today it is also impossible to register a party, unless the Kremlin wants, and you’re not ready to be a puppet of the Kremlin. Besides, he attacked the other countries and interfere in the internal Affairs of other States… His appointees control all businesses. The richest people of Russia is today the comrades of Putin from St. Petersburg”, – stressed the Kasparov interview quoted by the website InoPressa.

“Europe has failed to export democracy to Russia. But Putin has managed to export to Europe corruption. And we are moving in the opposite direction. In the West, saying that business with Russia should be expanded – what the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Mac recently reiterated in Moscow”, – ironically said Kasparov.

Tough enough, according to Kasparov, the line of the West towards Putin leads to negative results and on the world stage. “Look at Venezuela. Maduro is still in power because there’s Putin. Assad is also in power because there’s Putin. They have learned from Putin: if you work sufficiently hard, if you are not interested in the objections of people, if you kill a sufficient number of its opponents, then you can stay in power. Sanctions are a mere formality. Maybe they cause some damage, but in the end they do not stop Putin. That strengthens Putin is the lack of reaction from the free world,” said Kasparov.

“That’s why I was so angry at the German foreign Minister, who praised Russia’s return to PACE and didn’t say a word about its first results – mass arrests in Moscow and other cities,” – said the oppositionist.

Answering a journalist’s question about if he is afraid of revenge Putin opposition, which in 2013 has lived in the USA, admitted that he felt fear for their own safety, but does not want to become paranoid. “What can I do? I can’t just stop saying what I said many years, it’s a matter of honor and principle, – said Kasparov continued. – Am I afraid? Yes, I’m worried… Worried and my family. But the only thing we can do is not to go to those places where it’s really dangerous… I don’t visit countries where can act freely Russian intelligence”.