Katarzyna Cichopek's performance in “Question for Breakfast” caused a lot of emotions. Internet users comment and write about Marcin Hakiel. What is it about

The latest performance of Katarzyna Cichopek caused a wave of comments. For what reason?

 Katarzyna Cichopek's performance in

According to the portal “Super Express”, Katarzyna Cichopek in one of the last episodes of “Questions for breakfast” presented her dancing skills. She danced with Augustin Egurrola. The recording was full of comments, which quite often include the name of the ex-husband of the actress, Marcin Hakiel.

 Katarzyna Cichopek's performance in

Storm in the network after Katarzyna Cichopek's performance

During the weekend, the viewers of the program “Question for breakfast” had the opportunity to see a dance performance by Katarzyna Cichopek, who danced together with Augustin Egurrola. It is worth recalling that the actress knows a bit about dance, because in 2005 she won “Dancing with the Stars”. She danced the crystal ball of the program with her younger husband – dancer Marcin Hakiel.

The teachings of her ex-husband did not go into the woods, which Katarzyna Cichopek proved in the Sunday edition of “Dancing with the Stars”. Ws & oacute; plnie with Egurrola Cichopek showed how to dance bachata. The video with the show was full of comments, in which fans reminded the new girl Maciej Kurzajewski, to whom he owes his dancing skills.

“Mrs. Kasia, a beautiful dance. It is worth noting that you dance beautifully thanks to your evict” – wrote one of the internet users commenting on the video. “Thanks to Hakiel, he moves so much, and Kurzajewski gets excited that he has a sensual dance. He should thank Marcin,” added someone else. the new beloved of Katarzyna Cichopek, who closely watched her dance.

And how do you like Katarzyna Cichopek's dance with Augustin Egurrola?