Kate beckinsale considers himself a double Ryan Reynolds: “I Look hot”

The other day Kate beckinsale admitted that often confuses himself with Ryan Reynolds, and sometimes the resemblance is even shocking. In a recent interview she talks about what it’s like to be his double.

Кейт Бекинсейл считает себя двойником Райана Рейнольдса: «Выгляжу горячо»

Kate told me about his similarity to the actor during an interview on the show Jimmy Fallon. Beckinsale is confident that he and Reynolds have an uncanny resemblance.

I look just like Ryan Reynolds,

she shared her observations.

But it’s not just the conclusion, which once made actress. It turns out that Kate can confuse yourself with Reynolds even in everyday life.

Sometimes when I see a passing bus with a poster on it, I think: “Damn, I look hot. Oh, wait, it’s not me. And in this film, I’ve never been”,

— said Kate.

The show’s host Jimmy Fallon so shocking similarities not noticed, but Beckinsale continued to convince him that it still exists. Moreover, the actress added that can’t be with Ryan in the same room.

I can’t be in the same room with him because I think that one of us will burst or something else

— said Kate. According to her, the universe will simply not be able to cope with it.