Kate beckinsale has finally completed his divorce

The star of the franchise “underworld” Kate beckinsale has officially been freed from the bonds of marriage. Director Len Wiseman, for which Kate was married for 12 years, filed for divorce three years ago — 2016. But the procedure of division of joint property was delayed for a long time. Recently it became known that Beckinsale could keep jewelry and personal belongings, and their property in the Hollywood Hills went Weisman. Well at least, what children they had, therefore, to divide the right of guardianship over them so they don’t have.

Кейт Бекинсейл наконец-то завершила свой развод

Fans of Kate are wondering why the couple delayed their divorce because both, like, tried to get out as soon as possible. However, Kate, in anticipation of the divorce, not to be sad alone. During this time, Beckinsale managed to twist a few novels: with 21-year-old actor Matt Rife, Stendera Jack Whitehall and actor Pete Davidson.
Moreover, 46-year-old Beckinsale was able to educate her daughter Lily from her relationship with Hollywood actor Michael sheen, which lasted 8 years and ended in 2003. Kate and Michael at parting did not record their role in the education of her daughter documented, however, the actress allowed the Bus to visit her always when he was in Los Angeles.

Now that put an end to her divorce, youthful with each passing year, Kate has become absolutely free. The sexiest woman of 2009 according to Esquire magazine, prefers younger lovers. And it can be understood: often 46 men look not so presentable. And Beckinsale employs all the wonders of cosmetology (except surgery) to preserve its appeal. It is known that she not only leads a healthy lifestyle, but resort to such exotic procedures, as masks of placenta, bee stings and masks from the material that remains after the procedure of circumcision in infants. And if you look at the photos of Kate without makeup, you can see that the result is worth it!