Kate beckinsale wrapped her cat like a baby

The other day Kate beckinsale and her favorite cats were quickly evacuated from the mansion of the actress in Los Angeles due to severe fires in California. In the end, all ended well, and star of “Another world” showed that her Pets are safe.

Кейт Бекинсейл запеленала своего кота, словно младенца

Beckinsale has published in Instagram video where is holding his favorite Persian cat willow. The animal wrapped in a towel like a baby, the actress gently stroking the pet on the muzzle. So with a little delay, she congratulated their pussies with national cat day, which is celebrated in the USA on October 29.

We’re both fine, despite yesterday’s incident

— posted by Kate.

In the comments to the post some of my subscribers have envied a cat actress, stating that she lived better than ordinary people. In addition, many noticed that Beckinsale with willow looks like mom with a child. Looks like Kate’s time to think seriously about the birth of the second child. It is a pity that the last relationship with 25-year-old Pete Davidson ended as quickly as it had begun.

Recall that the 46-year-old Beckinsale is the only 20-year-old daughter Lily Mo from actor Michael Sheen. Actress for more than ten years was married to Director len Wiseman, but the couple chose not to have children, and concentrate on a career.