Kate Hudson told how she manages to always look young and beautiful

Hollywood star Kate Hudson is an unpleasant procedure to have perfect skin.

Кейт Хадсон рассказала, как ей удаётся всегда выглядеть молодо и красиво

According to 40-year-old actress, her main priority in the issue of beauty is the color.

In particular, Hudson eats right and drinks plenty of water. The house holds all the standard treatments, and often goes to the beauty salon.

The actress has to resort to the popular method of “rejuvenation” to look always fresh and beautiful. According to Kate, she uses hard acid peeling in the form of a mask made of special herbs. This procedure is extremely unpleasant, but allows you to Polish the skin.

“It’s just grass, you have activated some type of acid. I have the feeling that your skin causing the sandpaper,” said Hollywood actress, explaining that the pain pass quickly and the skin looks perfect.