Kathleen Jenner told how to communicate with her children: “They call me dad”

Bruce Jenner is one of the brightest representatives of the transgender community. A few years ago, the athlete decided a sex-change operation and chose a new name. Now ex-husband Kris Jenner is known to the world as Caitlin, however, some things sex change has not changed.

Кейтлин Дженнер рассказала, как с ней общаются дети: «Они зовут меня папой»

Recently on a reality show Caitlin spoke about his relationship with children after surgery. It turned out that they were sympathetic to this decision, but the sisters Kardashian-Jenner are unable to stop to consider Kathleen my father.

They call me dad,

she said.

According to Jenner, Kendall became the first person in the family who asked how the treatment will sound most comfortable for Caitlin. Without hesitation, she responded that the sisters can continue to call her dad, even a sex change could not affect the strong paternal feelings. Jenner also added that it is weird to hear after the word “Papa” the girls say “she”.

19 grandchildren, Jenner came up with another way to avoid unnecessary problems and awkwardness. They gave the star the nickname boom-Boom, and then the confusion became less. According to Jenner, Bruce has been in the lives of his daughters in order to educate them, but Kathleen just shared with them all of fun.