Katie Holmes about raising daughter Suri cruise, social networks and directing career

40-year-old actress was photographed for the December issue of British Elle.

Кэти Холмс о воспитании дочери Сури Круз, социальных сетях и режиссерской карьере

In December last year, actress and former wife of Tom cruise Katie Holmes has just celebrated 40 years. The anniversary she met while being incredibly stylish woman and a good mother, and last year became an independent, having left on their own with Jamie Foxx after 6 years of relationship because of the reluctance to tolerate the numerous infidelity of the partner. The actress grows her copy, 13-year-old daughter Suri cruise. Just about it and also about his life and career in cinema, Katie told me in an extensive interview to British Elle.

About the beginning of her acting career:

This story has become almost a legend… I did not go to the audition in Los Angeles due to the fact that it was scheduled for a time when school was the play Damn Yankees (Damn Yankees). In this production I played Lol and wore a feather boa. I couldn’t let his school and told Kevin Williamson of Warner Brothers: “Sorry, I can’t meet with you this week. I have commitments.” He apparently appreciated my responsibility and allowed to audition in a week. So I got in the TV series “Dawson’s Creek”.

About motherhood and Suri:

I was happy to be a mom at 27. How could it be more precisely to say… Every age, which was my baby, and my age at the time consistent with each other. Like we grew up together… she is Now 13 and, of course, I’m worried about the bad influence on her. Isn’t that every parent? There are so many bad news, hate and meaningless things… the Atmosphere in the world now… terrible.

About what you write about it on the Internet:

When I call friends say that about me again wrote something, I’m just saying, “Mmm… Okay”. I never Google my name. I like to spend time watching old movies or reading books, or, for example, I would prefer to chat with friends and family. The Internet’s another version of me, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

About social networks:

I rarely use Instagram mainly for work. Generally in this social network you can follow strangers and start to think that you know them. But it’s just their version, you need to remember that. It’s just a picture. You don’t know them and their past.

About your house:

It is very comfortable, plenty of patterns and colors. I love vintage and flea markets. And since we live in new York, I wish our flat was cozy and warm — after all, the city itself is so tense and harsh.

About age and directing career:

No, nothing has changed! Three years ago I made my first film, “Everything we had” (All We Had) and are now working on the second band (working title — Molly — approx. ed.), I like it a lot. Fun to be 40-year-old, as the young man thought: “I will never be 40!”. And then the day comes and everything is in order. I’m doing everything the same as before. I like my career and excited to bring to life their ideas and projects.