Katy Perry accused of indecency


Katy Perry is not having a good month: just recently her song Dark House officially acknowledged the plagiarism in court, and yesterday she was accused of indecency. Male model Josh Kloss, who stars in the clip, the singer for the song Teenage Dream, complained that she had abused his position and publicly humiliated him.

Кэти Перри обвинили в непристойном поведении

Josh Kloss has devoted a unpleasant incident a separate post on his Instagram, where he told, what for it turned into a collaboration with Katy Perry:

After the first shooting day she invited me to a strip club in Santa Barbara, and I refused, saying that I need to rest. At that point the job for me was above all to provide a little daughter. Later, when Katy broke up with Russell [Brand], I saw her a few times. I came to her party with a friend who was dying to meet her. Katie and I hugged each other, and when I turned around to introduce her to his friend, she pulled down my jeans and underwear to demonstrate all my groin. Can you imagine how pathetic and humiliated I feel?

According to Kloss, he told this story to illustrate how people in positions of fame and power, can abuse them. And women are not an exception, because they can be as disgusting as men.

I got for shooting the clip around 650 euros, and representatives Cathy have long been obsessed with, so I didn’t say anything about it. They even edited a couple of my interviews. Well, happy 9-year anniversary one of the most difficult and humiliating me projects in which I ever participated

— wrote the model.

Perry herself has not commented on the accusations, but stood up for her former stylist, johnny Wujek, on whose birthday there was an incident. He stated that his girlfriend “would never have done that.”

We all know how you were obsessed with her from the first day of shooting planned with her imagined future. To throw such accusations is not normal. Focus on your life and daughter’s and move on!

— posted by Wujek.

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