Katya Osadchaya admired the chiseled figure on the sea shore


Leading enjoyed the clean sea water and the vast expanses

Катя Осадчая восхитила точёной фигурой на берегу моря

Katya Osadchaya not get tired of relaxing on the Turkish Riviera, where she for the past two weeks vacationing with her husband Yuri Gorbunov. Still – stunning sea views, mild climate, warm water and gentle sun. But also delicious food, which made telediva to forget about dieting and be tempted by treats, for example, delicious ice cream. However, it does not hurt her slim figure. His chiseled form Kate decided to demonstrate in Instagram followers, posing in a bikini.

Leading sitting with his back to the camera at the edge of the sea. Her black bikini which highlighted her svelte shape – hourglass waist and rounded hips. Easy wave of noise rolled to shore and slightly covered Ride, which at this point turned in profile.

“Sea of tranquillity” — left her signature to the sparkling frame in English.


Fans of TV stars rated the video with her participation. They said that they feel relax just by watching a short video and wished Kate good rest.

  • The sea and krasunya!
  • Get relax only one kind
  • Kate, as luxuriously! Garnier dochenku!
  • Oh, the class!
  • Great!
  • Beauty!
  • Gorgeous!
  • Relax
  • High, always would and sit!
  • Most importantly happy!
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